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Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a disorder found among diabetic patients. Studies say that above fifty percent of diabetic patients are suffering from this diabetic consequence. While comparing diabetic patients, impotence is most common among men than women. As the name suggests, erectile dysfunction or impotence is the incapability of erection during sexual lovemaking. Chance of getting diabetic impotence increases with age and intensity of blood sugar level. Major cause for diabetic erectile dysfunction is insufficient blood flow. Usually blood circulation will not be uniform in all parts of the body. Especially in body extremities like male organ region, there will be low blood flow in case of diabetic patients.

As per medical research, it is found that diabetes will effect healthy functioning of muscles, blood vessels and brain cells. In diabetic patients, muscles around penile artery constrict and block the flow of blood. Damaged blood vessels restrict production of nitric oxide chemical needed for proper blood flow to male organ. Unhealthy blood vessels and damage nerves prevent erection leading to impotence or erectile dysfunction. This disorder due to diabetic condition is reversible and can be well controlled by maintaining a diabetic diet. Patient with erectile dysfunction or impotence may sometimes show signs of depression. Formation of this type of depression due to erectile dysfunction is medically termed as psychological impotence.

Now we will see preventive measures for controlling diabetic impotence. Maintaining blood sugar level is the best solution for diabetic erectile dysfunction. Patients can easily maintain their normal blood sugar level by controlling their lifestyle. Avoiding fried meat, alcohol, sweet candies and sugary beverages like coffee and wine helps in reducing blood sugar level. Increased blood pressure seen among diabetic patients increases risk of cell damage there by promoting impotence or erectile dysfunction. High cholesterol level creates block inside artery walls and prevents easy blood flow to male organ.

Excess consumption of sugary food items cause attachment of sugar molecules with cells. Accumulation of sugar molecules increases with increase in sugary food consumption which in turn effects the normal functioning of nerves. Healthy nerve cells are very important for normal erectile functioning. Intensity of accumulated sugar molecules around cells can be checked by making use of HBA1C test. Test result should obtain a value less than 6. 1 for normal functioning of nerve cells.

Always try to maintain a well balanced diabetic diet with proper medication from nutritionist. Apart from maintaining blood glucose level by diet, today many drugs like Viagra for impotence treatment are available in market. These medicines work on patients by relaxing blood vessels there by stimulating erectile function. There are some common drugs for patients with erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, drugs may not find useful in later stages of diabetic erectile dysfunction. In this case, patients are advice to take other means of remedial measures like impotence injection and penile implants. This diabetic disorder creates a negative impact on patient’s married life. If proper treatment is done for controlling blood sugar level, patient can smoothly handle and reverse this diabetic situation.
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